Happy Bite

My clothes were removed and I got on all fours atop of the spanking bench. Head down and ass up I was told I was not allowed to scream (i can be very loud when playing). Instant wetness from the first spank. He pulled my hair and told me what a whore I am. That only made me wetter. He told me I was a bad girl and he spanked me harder. I had to bite my lip to prevent myself from screaming. The hitting stopped. I wanted to turn around to see what he was grabbing, but I knew not to. I closed my eyes and waited. The next thing I felt was something pinching my pussy lips. I cringed knowing it was a clothes pin. The pinching on my lips combined with the pain of getting hit was intense and erotic. I smiled and enjoyed it.

He grabbed my ponytail and led me to the ladder. The ladder is a large wide wooden ladder. I was told to hold a rung and face it. He said I could run but he’d catch me. The flogging started. I knew when the beast was being used on me. The beast is a double leather boa that weighs 3 pounds. It is very very thuddy. I fucking love the beast. He hits me with full force when using it. I always feel like the wind is being knocked out of me. I never safe word when he uses this on me. I hate when he stops and moves to the next implement of pain…

He turned me around and told me not to move. He grabbed 3 clothe pins. He attached one to each nipple and the other to my pussy. I wanted to cry…i wanted to scream…but I didn’t. Then I saw him grab the dragon tail and fear hit me immediately. It wasn’t fear as much as it was shear panic. He gave me that look…that look that said don’t move it’s going to hurt. I closed my eyes and I felt the tail hit my nipple. He was trying to remove the clip with the tail. I couldn’t do it…i let the mental fear take over. He knew it, he removed the clips and told me to close my eyes.

I closed them and I felt the single tail hitting me. Hitting my nipples and my clit. I flinched with every strike. He told me to block it out. He told me I could do it, that he believed in me. I didn’t safe word. I took it all. He turned me around. I felt a strike of an instrument I don’t like, I tried to get away…it was pointless. Then he gave me two wonderful bite marks.

He knew I was done. He brought out the rabbit fur and I purred with each stroke. He brought me out of subspace and made sure I was ok…he made sure I knew I was safe and cared for….he’s such a good sadist.

Little ‘ole Bite

I meet my Top and another top at our location. I knew that I was being co-topped again. One was my primary play partner, the other was someone that had co topped me before.

After everyone had arrived my clothes were removed and I was attached to the cross, facing it. The warmup began and I started focusing on my breathing. For me the first strike is always the best. The strike is never the hardest nor does it leave a particular memorable mark. The first strike reminds me exactly why I love the pain. It reminds me that pain really brings me pleasure.

Play was really rough. The guys seemed really brutal. Of course when I said a code word, it was respected…but both men really seemed focused on pushing my limits. I dont think I have ever screamed nor cried so much in my life. Numerous instruments felt like they were splitting my skin open. I felt the pain so much differently then I had before. Not different as in bad or good…just different as in different.

When I signaled for play to stop I hit subspace much deeper then I had before. Maybe it wasn’t subspace, maybe it was shock. I couldn’t look at my Top and let him know I was ok…i couldn’t breath and I was still crying. It took me several minutes to snap out of it. Even the next day I am not 100% clear on what happened last night and something still isn’t right in my head. Fortunately, I have an open communication policy with him so I know I will be back to “normal”at some point.

7 people and me

When having your clothes removed there is an odd feeling when you realize that you are the only one without most of their clothing on. I felt a little better when another sub had her clothes removed…but there was still 6 other people in the room fully dressed. I am a submissive so I am getting more and more comfortable with being in a room sans clothing. In the past 4 months I have let way more people I would normally be comfortable with see me without my clothing. I know that I like to be beaten, I know that in order for me to fully experience it as I need to experience it…I’m gonna be naked. Like my body or not, I am ditching the clothing.

The other sub and I were spaced out on the couch. There were 3 Tops, a switch and 2 observers in the room with the other sub and I. Ample opportunity for both of us to have a really good scene.

Hearing something strike someone else and then feeling a strike on me instantly after is hot. In no time we were both moaning, whimpering and screaming with delight. Different people…different objects striking both of us.

When play gets really intense I tend to space out. I don’t hear questions being asked of me. I hit subspace I cry and tune everyone out. I feel every strike, but I don’t feel it as I do when I am not in subspace. When in subspace I don’t feel the pain. I feel relief. I feel energy pulsating throughout my body. I feel alive. I feel free.

At some point the other sub wasn’t being hit with anything anymore. It was just me. Strike after strike. I hit subspace again…maybe i never truly left it the first time. I was being asked questions. I could hear them, I just didn’t know how to respond. My brain forgot to tell my mouth to talk.

After a while my Top leaned down to check on me and ask me if I was ok…if I was ready to stop or if I wanted to keep going. I needed to stop…my ass was on fire and I was at my breaking point for the night.

I keep finding out more and more about me. I keep learning that I am tougher then I tell myself. I love this journey

Two sadists an old school paddle and me!

SummerFest was this past weekend. I love SummerFest. It’s an entire weekend with friends and booze. For whatever reason, I never really started drinking. After I finished my second cocktails (this was around 6 pm and the day had started around noon) my phone rang…it was my play partner. He said there was a possibility of meeting that night with him, his wive, a Domme and another Dom- would I be interested in meeting them for a bite to eat, drinks and possibility a play party? Yes, god yes, hell yes and fuck yes.

When I arrived at the bar, it was just him and his wife. We chatted for a bit, they ate and I had a few cocktails. When the other Dom showed up we paid the tab and my play partner called the Domme and told her to meet us at his house.

We all arrived at the house. I gave him an old school paddle that I had been given by a friend. He was very eager to use it on me. The Domme ended up not coming, but there was still more then enough people for a good time. My primary started to set up the play area and i could feel the anticipation of play building in me. I was called into the room and was joined by the other Dom, it was very late so the wife was going to bed.

My clothes were removed, door bounds placed on the door and cuffs on my wrist. He led me to the door with me facing the door. He started warming me up. I was ready for the pain; I needed the pain. The first hit had me wet. I love the first hit. I wish I could describe the release of endorphins that I feel when I play. I wish I could bottle that feeling.

I don’t know who started hitting me first and I don’t know what was being used on me. I feel myself floating in and out of my body. I feel the strikes, but I don’t feel fear. I am never scared and never afraid. My primary would pull my hair or put his hands around throat. He asked me if this is what I needed or if I was ok, I always would nod yes. Pretty sure I know when then new paddle was being used on me, I don’t think I loved it- but i really don’t know. At one point I experienced Florentineflogging- the other Dom was using 2 floggers on me at the same time. It was intense, but I don’t remember hating it and I didn’t give the word to stop.

I was turned around. The new Dom, who is very tall, got down on his knees and started flogging my front. I was getting wetter and wetter. He got that sadistic glimmer in his eye that I know all to well. I really wish I knew how much I took….or what happened. The violet wand was brought out. I knew that I was fading and I didn’t have much left in me- but I really really love the wand. My favorite is when hands are being rubbed on me. My primary play partner laid on the ground watching as the other started touching my body. I moaned in shear pleasure, face was lit up with happiness and euphoria until I just couldn’t take anymore. I was rubbed by both with the mitt and brought back down…I love my new marks.